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Joel Antonio Colón Pagán



Born in September 13, 1975 and since he was a little boy, he was totally oriented to photography, but step by step he was falling in love with the photography in movement, the video.  In 1995 he began working as an intern with "Las Noticias de Tele-Once".  In that journey, Joel successfully learned every technical position in the station, videotape, master control, live unit technician, news camera, live studio audio, studio camera, directing in the switcher for the newscast, and news editor, was in the last, where finally got his first official job in the television industry.


But the part of the television he got in love, was being the eyes of the people, doing the camera for the news department.  After a few tries, he was given the chance to be one of the photojournalist of the first newscast in Puerto Rico at that time.  From 1997 to 2002, Joel was exposed to many important news events such as 911, arriving to New York City two days later of the attacks after a lot of tries, it was a life changing experience.  The Vieques protests against the NAVY, being part of the people evicted by the US Marshalls in one of the most impressive moments he has ever lived.  Sporting events all around the world as Trinidad vs Vargas fight in Las Vegas, Nevada,  just to mention a few of them.  As the only person who knew how to operate AVID system in the station, now Univision being the owner of the tv channel, was moved to the Promotions Department as an Editor.  


In the 2004 he decided to test an opportunity as a freelance photographer / editor for all the Univision Network shows, as their correspondent in the island. After that jump, he began to work with lots of American Television Networks covering news.  Since 2004 he has worked in many sporting events such as Olympic Games in London in 2012 and Río 2016.  Also has traveled the globe working with many boxing promoters.  


Now, he has been the winner of many important prizes. Including 8 EMMY Awards of the Suncoast Chapter, and 28 times winner in different categories in the Photojournalist Association of Puerto Rico in their Annual Contest, including 5 times Videographer of the year.


In 2016 directed his first Feature Film "Hector El Father - You Will Know The Truth" and is is in pre-production of his very first movie, a comedy named "Que Misión".


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